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Morgan Stanley & Co. Specimen Stock Certificate - 1969
Morgan Stanley & Co. Specimen Stock Certificate - 1969
Morgan Stanley & Co. Specimen Stock Certificate - 1969

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From an iconic Wall Street firm this rare Morgan Stanley & Co Specimen Stock was from 1969. It's rare to find stock certificates with the name Morgan Stanley & Co on it. Most are from Morgan Stanley Group or other derivatives of their name after their various mergers.

Morgan Stanley was founded by the grandson of J.P. Morgan after the passage of the Glass-Steagall Act. Firms were required to split their investment banking and commercial banking business. Henry Morgan and Harold Stanley left J.P. Morgan to form Morgan Stanley and began business in 1935. In 1997 they merged with Dean Witter Discover & Co which was the financial services arm of Sears Roebuck which was previous spun off. In 1998 the firm name changed to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. In 2001, Dean Witter was dropped from the name and they are now known simply as Morgan Stanley. This make collectibles bearing the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter name quite rare.

Specimen stock certificates are certificates that were archived by printers and the company as perfect examples of the company’s stock issue. Specimen’s can be identified by their “specimen” stamp, stamped holes spelling “specimen”, or they are often issued with a serial number of a series of zeros. Often, they are also issued with no serial number at all. Specimens can also represent a design that was never issued. All of these attributes make the specimen stock certificate rarer than the issued version of the share. Many enthusiasts collect specimens as a whole new category of Scripophily.