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Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey - Specimen Stock Certificate
Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey - Specimen Stock Certificate
Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey - Specimen Stock Certificate
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This is a beautifully engraved specimen stock certificate from the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey combined shows printed in 1969 by the American Banknote Company. It has an ornate border around it with a vignette of various circus animals and a clown. This item has the printed signatures of the company's president and secretary and is nearly 50 years old. This certificate is widely recognized as the most beautiful and sought after post 1960 American Stock Certificate. Ringling Brothers merged with Mattel Corporation in 1971. When the Ringling Shareholders were asked to trade their shares for Mattel's certificates, many refused since they didn't want to part with these beautiful certificates.

After over 100 years of operation. Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus closed its door in 2017. These stock certificates are becoming increasing scarce as a result.

Specimen stock certificates are certificates that were archived by printers and the company as perfect examples of the company’s stock issue. Specimen’s can be identified by their “specimen” stamp, stamped holes spelling “specimen”, or they are often issued with a serial number of a series of zeros. Often, they are also issued with no serial number at all. Specimens can also represent a design that was never issued. All of these attributes make the specimen stock certificate rarer than the issued version of the share. Many enthusiasts collect specimens as a whole new category of Scripophily.