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Lurking Octopus Sculpture - Hot Patina Brass
Lurking Octopus Sculpture - Hot Patina Brass
Lurking Octopus Sculpture - Hot Patina Brass

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Product Code: SPI80359

This brass octopus sculpture features flowing tentacles moving along the ocean floor with an amazing hand crafted hot patina finish. This beautiful high quality octopus sculpture is made with a quality worthy of any executive office or coastal themed home.

Brass Lurking Octopus Sculpture

  • Brass with Hot Patina Finish
  • 3"H x 6.5"W x 6.5"D
  • Approx 1.1 lbs.

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How it is made:

Each begins life as 2-D concept art designed by talented artists in Northern California. Master sculptors breathe life into the artwork with weeks of hand sculpting in modeling clay.

Each part is cast using either the lost wax or sand casting method. Artisans take the various cast parts and carefully weld them together. After up to several days of welding, sanding, and polishing, the metal sculpture takes its final form and the patina artists then have their turn. Artists heat the brass surface with blow torches and apply proprietary formulas that react with the metal one layer at a time. Several coats of hand waxing give your sculpture a vibrant and deep layered finish unique with its own finish. Each piece will be unique due to this hand crafted process.