About Bullmarketgifts.com

BullMarketGifts.com, founded in 2008, specializes in unique, vintage and contemporary stock-market-themed gifts and memorabilia. Launched to serve those in the financial services industry looking for unique and memorable gifts for those special clients, BullMarketGifts.com also offers a wide selection of Wall Street themed gifts that fit the gift-giving needs of the registered representative, as well as corporate leaders looking for unique employee incentives. BullMarketGifts.com's antique stock certificates, annual reports and one-of-a kind items also make great Christmas and birthday gifts for anyone passionate about Wall Street.

About the Founders

BullMarketGifts was founded and is operated by Michael Oaklief and Neal Peterson, who collectively have over 25 years experience within the financial services industry. Mike and Neal, friends since they were three years old, grew up across the street from each other in Wisconsin where they launched their first business together, PoolSide Concessions, at the age of 10. As time passed, both chose a career in the money management business, working in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

When Mike and Neal stumbled upon some beautiful vintage stock certificates in 2008, the idea for BullMarketGifts was born. Vintage stock certificates, many works of art, are becoming increasingly hard to find. After years of both giving and receiving gifts in the financial services industry, both were convinced there was a need for unique client gifts and employee incentives. With their initial success with the vintage stock certificates, they expanded their offering to include other vintage Wall Street memorabilia and contemporary stock market themed gifts.

Mike and Neal are passionate about The Street and convinced their industry experience as well as appreciation for the history of the stock market provide a valuable service to the BullMarketGifts.com customer.

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