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Schenley Distillers Specimen Stock Certificate - Whiskey
Schenley Distillers Specimen Stock Certificate - Whiskey
Schenley Distillers Specimen Stock Certificate - Whiskey

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Vintage Stock Certificate

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This rare Schenley Distillers Specimen Stock Certificate is from one of the premier whiskey distillers in the United States. Schenley Products Company was founded in the 1920s in Schenley, Pennsylvania and was one of only 6 companies that had a license to produce medicinal whiskey during Prohibition. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, they formed Schenley Distillers Corporation and would become the largest liquor company in the U.S. during the mid-1930s. Their name was changed to Schenley Industries in 1949 making this Stock Certificate exceedingly rare dating it during the 1933 - 1949 period.

Schenley owned the rights to distribute Dewar's Scotch Whiskey in the U.S. which was a large contributor to the bottom-line. Other labels included Schenley, Golden Wedding Rye, Cruzan Rum, and even a controlling interest in Blatz beer and many others.

Specimen stock certificates are certificates that were archived by printers and the company as perfect examples of the company’s stock issue. Specimen’s can be identified by their “specimen” stamp, stamped holes spelling “specimen”, or they are often issued with a serial number of a series of zeros. Often, they are also issued with no serial number at all. Specimens can also represent a design that was never issued. All of these attributes make the specimen stock certificate rarer than the issued version of the share. Many enthusiasts collect specimens as a whole new category of Scripophily.