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New!  1913 Chinese Government Bond - Controversial!!!
1913 Chinese Government Bond - Controversial!!!
1913 Chinese Government Bond - Controversial!!!
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This is one of the most controversial bonds on the market and has made headlines around the world. These are the bearer bonds that President Trump threatened to pay China trillions of dollars with.

Here's the short version of the story:
The bonds were issued by the Republic of China dating back to 1912 and were backed by gold. In 1938 the Republic of China government was overthrown and fled to Taiwan where it still remains the ruling body. While obviously controversial, China maintains that Taiwan is part of China. Under international law, successor governments are responsible for the debts of their predecessors.

In the late 1980s, the British Government actually convinced the Chinese to pay some of their bond holders. The pad out 20 million pounds. Generally speaking, most governments and legal experts consider these bonds to be worthless today except as collectibles. In the 1990s an individual was arrested for bilking over $5 million from investors selling these bonds.

Today, President Trump is still heard from time to time waiving the threat of "cashing" in these bearer bonds. Don't hold you breath!

Just to be clear, like all bonds and stock certificates on our site, we are selling these as collectibles only. Make no mistake, we would much rather cash them in! Still a very cool piece of history.

1913 Chinese Government Bearer Bonds
  • 5% Gold Loan of 1913 for $25,000,000 Sterling
  • Approx 43 coupons still attached.
  • Dimensions: Large bond- 18" x 13"
  • Condition: Overall good condition; light edge wear and light foxing; some musting, may have some handwriting on the certificate